Alienware has been severely attached to a gaming culture, but with recent competition from other brands, and a lack of their support for other OS, we have tried to still sustain the elegance and style that both Alienware computers and Linux OS has.

Research today is crucial and is computationally expensive, and amongst many portable and powerful computers (laptops or desktops), Alienware stands out. We try to embrace the research and gaming community here by providing online solutions and a forum-like salon where multiple users can discuss their experience with both Ubuntu and Alienware.

This is the right place to post your software problems, and workarounds!

Let the hacking begin,
QuantumBeach Team

Disclaimer : We do not mean to offend or attack a specific brand or OS. We are people trying to make the Open Source Community and Gaming Community engage in brotherhood by discussing major issues any one of these can face.

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